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Upcoming Events: space
Feb 23, 2019: Outing, Baseball Game, Community Park, 10am
Mar 4, 2019: Meeting, Atria Covell Gardens, 1111 Alvarado Ave, 7pm
Mar 11, 2019: Training, Harper Jr High, 4000 East Covell Blvd, 7pm
Mar 16, 2019: Outing, DMTC ("Tom Sawyer"), 607 Pena Dr, Davis, 1:40pm
Apr 1, 2019: Meeting, Atria Covell Gardens, 1111 Alvarado Ave, 7pm
Apr 8, 2019: Training, Harper Jr High, 4000 East Covell Blvd, 7pm

Wanted: Puppy Raisers & Sitters
Do you love dogs? Want to make a difference in the life of a blind person? Eyes For Others, the Yolo County puppy raising club for Guide Dogs for the Blind is looking for a few good raisers.
No experience is necessary; all training is provided locally by puppy club volunteers. Can't commit 12-14 months to raising a puppy? You might start a puppy for 2-3 months or finish raising a "transfer" pup. Puppy sitters are also needed to assist current raisers. Interested? Contact the club at yologuidedogs@gmail.com for more information.

Guide Dog News:
GertrudeGertrude Whelps 4th Litter
Yellow Labrador retriever Gertrude whelped her fourth litter in October, 3 males and 2 females, all yellow. Gertrude (Parson/Bloomer) was raised by Allison. Pups are Throne, Tyrion, Tron, Tia & Tinker.

KatanaWelcome Katana
Female black Labrador retriever Katana (Lemur/Velma), born 7/23/2018, was welcomed by her new raisers Cassie, Kylie, and Lauren. Katana has a brindle coat.

TupeloBreeder Tupelo
Yellow Labrador retriever Tupelo whelped four puppies in August, 2 male and 2 female, all black. Tupelo (Joplin/Felicia) was raised by Carly & Allison. Litter letter is "V".

WalnutWalnut Graduated
Congratulations to yellow Labrador retriever Walnut who graduated on Aug 25, 2018 from GDB in Boring, Oregon. Well done, Walnut, Ted and Tammy! Walnut will be living with his new partner in Salem, Virginia.

Jif at Sees Grit in the snow Rivka and friend at Xmas
Guide Dog Graduations
Attending a graduation ceremony at Guide Dogs for the Blind is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the program. Puppy raisers say goodbye to their graduating dogs, and the graduating class members return to their homes and families with new partners by their sides. Graduations are at 1:30 pm with tours on the California campus at either 10:30 am or 12 noon. 2018 Graduation dates in California and Oregon.
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Many thanks to Purina for donating ProPlan dog food to Eyes for Others for our Guide Dog puppies.

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Club Donation
Are you interested in supporting our Guide Dog puppy raising efforts? We welcome contributions to help pay for training outings and supplies. You can now donate online to Puppy raising clubs! Select CA Yolo Eyes for Others to donate to our club.

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